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Unlock lucrative business-facing roles with top-notch communication and presentation skills. Elevate your career in technical sales and presales as we bridge the gap to success..

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In 2014, I moved to the US with my family and worked as a technical architect. Faced with intense competition for technical jobs, I sought a fulfilling career that could secure a better life. Eventually, I found my ideal match in technical sales and became fully immersed, dedicating myself to becoming a top-tier pre-sales architect for leading cloud providers.

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Bridging the gap: Technical teams mastering presales

Unleash your communication prowess with 5 invaluable steps to convince teams and customers of your technical solutions. Discover 3 sales techniques and a proven system to deliver high-standard solutions, propelling your business to thrive.

Techie to Trusted Advisor: The Presales Engineer Workshop

Immerse yourself in this hands-on workshop through persuasive role-play and simulations. Enhance presentation skills, delivering compelling technical pitches with presales tools, and drive business success with high-standard solutions. Elevate your technical prowess for real-world achievements!

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The top 5 reasons why you should be a cloud presales engineer today

A Presales engineer or architect is the technical advisor within a sales team and is the brains behind the operation to make sure a technical solution being proposed to the customer is placed correctly. Presales roles are usually needed at businesses that sell products or services directly to their business customers. For example, cloud services providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google GCP depend on presales engineers to work hand in hand with their sales reps to provide their cloud services to other businesses. With the boom in cloud computing demand, cloud presales engineers are now some of the best paid in the IT market today.

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